Was SRK a better actor than Aamir in the 90's? He won almost every award back then

SRK has been my favorite actor since the time I can remember. I don't think anyone has to explain as to why he is their favorite actor. No doubt, back in the 90s, Aamir was and is a great actor. But when it comes to awards, in comparison, SRK has won many awards. In a very old interview, when the host had questioned Aamir, why doesn't he attend the award shows anymore, the actor replied saying, he doesn't believe in award shows. According to him, most of the award shows are rigged. The reason he said this was because there were times when Aamir did not win any award for his performance. Instead of him, a mediocre film or actor had won. According to him, he believes that, awards don't define his work. He and his fans are very much aware of the talent this man carries.

Whereas when it comes to SRK, the actor had won many awards back to back for almost all of his performance. This in no way means that he had bought those awards because we're all well aware that SRK did deserve them. It's just that when it comes to popularity, SRK is more popular and has a bigger fan-base than Aamir.

What are your thoughts on this?