Was Working With Sanjay Leela Bhansali The Driving Force Behind Ranveer Singh’s Stardom?

When it comes to climbing the success ladder in the industry, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his favourite muse, Ranveer Singh always get the top place. This dynamic duo has worked together in three blockbuster period dramas and all of them have been some of Ranveer Singh’s best performances so far.

Talking about his experience working with SLB, Ranveer Singh says that he is a master of his craft and a true artist who knows how to extract creative power from an actor and do wonders with it. The actor believes that working with the iconic director has given him tremendous growth and confidence as a performer which is clearly visible when we look at the mind-blowing performances which the actor delivers on-screen.

Well, we have to agree that SLB has the power to create gold standard magic on the silver screen. His cinematic authenticity is enough to make an ordinary artist seem extraordinary, by challenging them to find new depths within themselves in order to achieve artistic excellence. Let’s just say Ranveer Singh grabbed the opportunity and made the most of it, and now it’s hard to surpass the standard of perfection he has achieved. Don’t you think? Do you agree that SLB is indeed the greatest driving force behind Ranveer Singh’s stardom?