Wasn’t Releasing Mimi Early To Curb The Menace Of Piracy, A Smart Move By The Filmmaker’s?

The Kriti Sanon starrer Mimi, which was previously said to be released on 30th July, was leaked online on many pirated platforms 3 days before it’s release date giving the biggest shock to its makers. While this has happened with a lot of films in the past, none of the makers have ever taken a spontaneous action to stop the chaos. Mimi’s filmmaker’s on the other hand took the wise and quick decision to release the film that very day to curb the menace caused due to piracy.

While the filmmaker’s were deeply saddened by the fact that their film was an unexpected victim of piracy, they were completely confident that the film would do wonders on the OTT platform. This was proved to be true because not only did the film get great reviews, it was also considered to be the most loved film of the year, which is phenomenal for an opening release. Do you think the film had the potential of a blockbuster success if it wasn’t leaked online before the release date? According to you was releasing Mimi early, a smart move by its filmmaker’s?