Wasn't Siddharth Mallya calling Deepika Padukone 'crazy' insensitive and problematic?

This is an older event, but I think we should address how insensitive it was. Prior to Deepika Padukone being happily married to Ranveer Singh, the actress had dated Siddharth Mallya. The pair had been spotted in IPL matches and were the talk of the town. They made several public appearances together and walked at events, which created more buzz.

When they separated though, people wondered what had happened. Deepika had gone on record in an interview to explain what went wrong. Apparently, they had gone for date and Siddharth had told her to pay for the entire bill. That had convinced Deepika that she should end the relationship. Following this remark of hers, Siddharth went on to say that "Deepika is a crazy female."

Given that the actress is an advocate of mental health and has herself spoken about her battle with the same, branding her crazy feels like a problematic tag. What's your opinion on it?