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Watch it for the mesmerising BULBUL!

The flick has been able to conjure up an unrushed narration, shrewd storyline with a relevant content and mystifying settings fit for a fascinating fable, but it is the face of Bulbul with her mesmerising aura that is likely to haunt you and stay with you for a long time.


Spoilers alert:-


The flick has been successful in transferring one to a mysterious world, one that’s eerie and enchanting at the same time. The settings with a reddish shade turns out to be the striking signature of the movie. I was also impressed by the presentation of the story, the order of various events and how they were able to create a sense of suspense at all times.


Even so, the flick is not just a fascinating fable. It has more to it than that. It sends across a hard hitting message about the evils of patriarchy, relevant even today. Bulbul, who used to be so sweet and naive, becomes resolute and unswerving, having been subjected to the deplorable antics of men around her. But, the change is not welcome even by her loving friend, Satya. Most men only like to chain women up, who tend to act against the unholy principles of a patriarchal society.


The transformation of Bulbul into the dreaded witch because of the sinful actions of men near her, is delightful. It is actually the tainted society that labels such firm women as witches. But aren’t these despicable men, blinded by the privileges of a patriarchal society, the actual demons?


In spite of everything good about the flick, it is Bulbul’s catchy face with her charismatic aura that grabs all the attention and one that is likely to stay with you for a long time. Her innocuousness, helplessness and matureness will all remain etched on our minds. The other actors have also put in a good shift, at par with the unrushed, shrewd execution. The flick should be watched for its mystifying settings, intelligent storytelling, but most importantly for Tripti Dimri. 


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