We bet you didn't know about these contouring techniques!

Reality star Kim Kardashian made contouring popular by doing it daily to make her facial bone structure look better. Even though it takes a long time and practice to contour your face the right way, women all over the world are gaga about this make-up technique. But did you know the hysteria about contouring is so much that there are now different types of it? We tell you which ones. 


Classic contouring


This one is the basic type of contouring that you must have seen Kim do all the time to have a slimmer-looking face. In it, a mix of dark and light shades of make-up is used on the face to make your features appear sharper such as your nose, jawline, cheekbones.


Clown contouring


You will clearly look like a clown if you try this out, not after the process but during it. This is because clown contouring uses several shades to help you correct what you may regard as your facial flaws. What started as something to shut up haters soon became a make-up trend. But you will be amazed at the results.


Henna contouring


If you thought henna was just for the hair, here s some news for you, it can also be used for contouring your face. One make-up artist tried it on herself and others followed suit. This might be more difficult to master but it sure looks beautiful even before you see the final result. The artwork is amazing and you may not want to blend it.


Lip contouring


Contouring is no longer restricted to just the face, make-up artists are contouring other parts of the body too including the lips. This is done to make your lips look more pouty and voluminous. The trick is to apply different shades of lip color such as lighter ones in the middle of your lips and darker ones on the outer corners.


Hair contouring


No, it isn't to make your hair look better but your face with the right shades on your tresses. Basically, you have highlights and lowlights at different places which can accentuate your facial features and help you fake the perfect bone structure. It is best to get it done by a professional though, as it won't be possible to do it yourself at home.