We really can't wait for Butter!

Ofcourse, it's not BTS if they don't break their own records. Butter isn't even out yet and already owns a record. BTS 'Butter' official teaser surpasses 15M views on YouTube, becoming the fastest MV to do so. Previously, the record was hold by BTS' 2020 Grammy nominated digital single release 'Dynamite'. From the teaser it pretty much seems that Butter is going to be a tribute to old rock music. Rock Band 'Queen' appreciated and tweeted about Butter ( 'Are you ready hey are you ready for this...' Another one bites the dust× BTS_Butter) Now are they hinting a collaboration here? It would be too good if that happens. If you carefully listen to the beats and the tune in the music video teaser it's kind of similar to Queen's song 'Another one bites the dust' Now only time will tell us whether we gonna get a collab some time in future or it was just legends appreciating legends.