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From wearing the wrong shade of foundation to forgetting to moisturize daily, find out what are some of the biggest makeup dos and don’ts.

Things to definitely consider while entering the world of makeup:

1. Prep your skin: This has to be one of the most important dos we often don’t talk about. Prepping your skin properly is as important as getting the correct shade of foundation. Make sure you apply your serum before putting foundation to get a flawless base.

2. Setting your foundation with powder: Now this is yet again a very important step to complete your look. If you are going for an evening look, a hard-working powder often comes into play. However, there are many light powders out there that are perfect for a day look. After putting on foundation, simply dust over a powder that has a feather-light formula.

3. Clean your brushes: Now, I have heard about this myth a lot that washing your brushes will do no good and only damage the bristles. Well, not really. It is important to keep your beauty tools as clean as possible, preferably cleaning them once a week. As your brushes come in contact with your face and then get put into cosmetic bags or other makeup storage, they become breeding grounds for bacteria.

While a lot of people don’t believe in this, these are the thing you should definitely stop doing right away.

1. Settling for the wrong foundation: It is very important to find the shade code for your skin tone to get the perfect base. Going for the wrong foundation shade will make your skin look uneven and will clash with the natural tone of your neck, shoulders, and hands – and let’s face it, this has never been a good look. Make sure you find the right foundation for your skin tone. 

2. Obsess about eyebrows: Too much gel, pencil or brow mascara takes away from that natural, healthy look and makes you appear looking much older than you really are. Make sure you keep the shape of your eyebrows tidy without over-plucking them and filling them in lightly to achieve a natural finish.

3. Wearing a lot of makeup in the daytime: Just like you wouldn’t wear a ball gown to a corporate meeting, it’s best to avoid heavy, intense evening looks in the daytime. Simply make sure your makeup is occasion-appropriate to avoid situations that make you feel self-conscious about the number of beauty products you used.

That’s all for major dos and dons for all you make lovers! 


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