Web dramas that are too good to be true.

Binge-watching online dramas is a guilty pleasure for a lot of K-drama viewers. Whether you're going through a dry drama and just want a fast pick-up on a weekend Afternoon, web dramas are just there to help and entertain. It was very memorable last year, and the online dramas were certainly there. Without any further ado, here are 3 exciting online dramas.

1) One Fine Week

The drama tells the story of Jung Da Eun, a very fortunate girl who looks just like the K-pop idol Kim Byul. So, as Kim Byul struggles through a bout of extreme anxiety issues, her boss stumbles upon Da Eun and asks her to step in and do all of Byul's activities for a whole week. This week, Da Eun is presenting a show wherein she encounters and finds love with Jung Woo.

2) XX

Yoon Nana and Lee Rumi, two best friends who became rivals after an adultery incident five years ago. Nana is a kind-hearted and professional bartender who strives one day to own her own pub. Rumi is a passionate capitalist who stops at none to scout Nana for her pub, which provokes up a lot of horrible memories for both of them.

3) My life of 17

The 17-year-old bunch of students is a remarkable bond that takes us through higher academic and life challenges in general. Self-acceptance and sincere friendships are the main elements of this plot, and it goes without saying that they create quite a show.