Weird fandom names that don't make sense

While K-pop is a huge playing field and companies can’t really have the best of both worlds some of these fan club names really make little sense. And we are left wondering why the company decided that this was the name that would represent a whole fandom.

Starting off ARMY

The biggest fandom in the world to ever exist, judging by twitter followers alone, BTS has about 32.9 Million fans! Most people assume that the word army represents the military, but no, the word army is actually an acronym for ‘Adorable Representatives MC for Youth’ - cue the cricket noise 


Mamamoo’s popularity has recently been going off the charts and many people have joined the fandom, but they were shocked when they learned the name of the fandom. When asked about the name, the group replied that the word moomoo means radish.  

Are there any other fandom names that we don't understand?