The weird magazine covers from the 90s

The 1990s was a strange year for Bollywood. Of course, this was the decade that gave us classics like 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai', 'DDLJ', 'Andaz Apna Apna' and a few others, this was the decade of Shah Rukh Khan, but a lot of cringe stuff was also happening. And I'm not talking only about the quality of films here. It's the weird magazine covers involving our beloved stars. Most of these have actors doing bizarre poses or dressed in some over-the-top outfit. I'm not sure what was the brief given to them, but they have not aged well and some of them are downright embarrassing to look at. From Rekha and Kajol posing wearing the same sweater to Pooja Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt kissing to Shah Rukh Khan posing with a fake baby bump, the list is endless. I'm glad stars don't do that anymore.