Were You Shocked When These Celebrities Left Bollywood After A Religious And Spiritual Awakening?

When Zaira Wasim left the entertainment industry at the peak of her career, it came as a shock to the entire country but she is not the only who chose to quit Bollywood and its glamour for a spiritual and religious life.

1.Sana Khan - In 2020, former Bigg Boss contestant Sara Khan who was also seen in Jai Ho left the entertainment industry after she was enlightened by the ‘teachings of Islam’. The actress is still very active on her Instagram.

2.Zaira Wasim - Zaira Wasim impressed the audience with her debut in Dangal. She was able to keep up her good with Secret Superstar and The Sky Is Pink. Just after 3 movies in Bollywood, the young actress shocked the nation when she announced her decision to quit Bollywood as it exhausted her and she was unhappy with her identity. She also said that her profession endangered her relationship with her religion.

3.Anu Agarwal - The Aashiqui actress Anu Aggarwal only did a few movies before she left the showbiz. People were expecting a lot from her as she had the potential but she bid adieu to all the glamour to follow her spiritual calling.

Were you surprised when these celebrities left Bollywood after a Religious and Spiritual Awakening?