What! Aamir wanted to quit the industry but why?

While scrolling on Instagram, I came across so many pages that said Aamir Khan wanted to quit Bollywood. To say the least, I was shocked because Aamir is such a great actor. If he would have left Bollywood for whatever said and done reasons, I'm pretty sure it would have been a loss to the industry. But after looking up for the apparent reason why Aamir would make such revelations, I found out that, Aamir regretted the fact that he couldn't spend time with his family because of his work. He claimed that he quit acting and production if it's going to come in between his family. He also wanted to announce it publicly but then he thought that the audience would take it as a PR stunt for his upcoming movie, Laal Singh Chadha. This was not only shocking for us but also for the actors family. He went on to say, his family was against this decision and couldn't imagine him without cinema.

I hope he re-consider's his decision because I don't think so the audience is ready to not see anymore Aamir Khan films.