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What about Jim Sarbh is so mesmerising, after all?

Ever since his exotic debut in Neerja, Jim Sarbh is perceived as flowing art in human form, well, at least by me. Why, you ask? The reason is pretty hard to articulate, honestly. It could be his ridiculously American-Parsi accent, or perhaps, just his salt & pepper hair. Or maybe - this is something I’ve derived from his interviews - it is how intricately he challenges convention. Jim Sarbh doesn’t only challenge convention to suit his own personality but also seems to actively encourage his peers, colleagues and fellow contacts to embrace their own quirks and whims.

He has acquired many characters and appeared in many films after Neerja. Examples include Padmaavat, Sanju, Made in Heaven, most recently Taish. Each of his characters in these seems to be a human combination of darkness and light, which is brought about in extreme subtlety. This is almost reflective of Jim Sarbh’s own acknowledgement of the presence of humanly & superior forces within him. Besides, anyone who follows Jim Sarbh on Instagram can guess his aura. His music taste, his social media presence - it all reeks of curious alienness.

Maybe that’s it. There’s just no one like Jim Sarbh. He is exotic. That’s probably the reason he’s so mesmerising.

But those are just my thoughts. Comment what you think below!


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