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Why applying serum is necessary??

Serums are basically a concentration of active ingredients that design to penetrates deeper into the skin so that it can helps target specific skin concerns. Actives are strong ingredients that can do wonders on skin. Vitamin A, B, C, AHA's and BHA's are the most common ones that appear in a variety of skincare products. Our skin is made up of many layers, serum has the ability to penetrates deeper inside the skin. It is composed of composed of smaller molecules. 

Ques. Serums are moisturizers?? 

Ans: Serums are not substitutes for moisturizer. Serums are thinner are lighter than moisturizer. Therefore, their tiny molecules are able to absorb into deeper layers of the skin. Moisturizer are thicker and creamier than serums. The molecules in moisturizers are larger than serums, so they are meant to add moisture to the top layer of skin. It is beneficial to use both a serum and moisturizer. 

Benefits of applying serum : It firms and tightens your skin. It adds radiance to the skin. It reduces dark spots and signs of aging. 

It is beneficial to use both serum and moisturizer. Use your serum before your moisturizer. Adding this combo to your skincare routine will provide your skin with a double dose of hydrating and healing ingredients. 


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