What are some common illogical scenes that occur in Indian movies?

There was a scene in student of the year, where Abhimanyu (Siddharth Malhotra) was in the hospital because of his Dadi. Shanaya arrived there, Shanaya is basically Rohan's girlfriend and Rohan and Abhimanyu are best friends. Shanaya comes to comfort him too and Shanaya tries to console him, but he tells her to stay away. If she remains too close to him. She then sees her earring and gives Abhi a hug. They then kiss each other passionately.Rohan sees them together and has a fight with him. The best friends turn enemies because of that. And Shanaya stopped them and started crying and said, "Nobody asked her what she really wants, and that she is not a competition tropy" I mean, she clearly cheated on him and played victim card that nobody cares about her feelings. If she had a problem why she did not leave him.

On the other so-called friend, Abhi too betrayed his friend, and instead of apologizing for he justified his actions.

Lmao! How beautifully this particular scene justified the cheating!