What are some movies to watch to come out of a break-up?

As most others have mentioned, I would've recommended (500) Days of Summer (2009) to get over someone she really loved and wasn't sure what went wrong. It is a brilliant movie, that helps us understand the view of another side. I love the Before trilogy too, but it might have the wrong effect on her, for Jesse and Celine are shown as a couple who are just meant to be, and are never able to get over each other after spending close to a decade apart. These movies should be seen when she is seeing things more rationally.

You can't go wrong with Love Actually. It has something for everyone. Dan in Real Life (2007) is a good choice too. Like Sribatsa Pathy mentioned, Definitely, Maybe is a good choice.

I would recommend The English Patient (1996) too. It is more on the serious side, but there are few better movies to explore love the way it does. The way I see it, she wouldn't be in the mood to believe in a mushy romantic movie.

She'll call it bull and think the stories are exaggerated. 'This is not how it happens in real life, she would think. And she would be mostly right. It won't be a bad idea to go the way of Danita Crouse and make her watch something she'll know isn't an attempt to get her to believe in love. If something strikes her as weird or odd or outrageously funny, she might watch the film with an open mind. And then if the film manages to have an impact on her, it'll be like an added bonus.

One such film that doesn't fall into your usual rom-com stereotype is Lars and the Real Girl (2007). Even Garden State (2004) and Silver Linings Playbook (2012) for that matter. I think they will serve the purpose better than an outright romantic film.

If you want to go to Bollywood movies, I think you should watch Queen.