What are some of the Sexist and Misogynistic Bollywood Lyrics Which Are Just Not Okay!

These are just some of the many sexist lyrics which are extremely problematic but have been normalised by Bollywood. Comment down below the sexist Bollywood lyrics and songs which are just not okay!


1.Khambe Jaisi Khadi hai-Udit Narayan(1990):

“Khambe jaisi khadi hai ladki hai ya chhadi hai shola hai phuljadi hai pattakhe ki ladi hai”


This is a little confusing. What am I? Am i a “Khamba”(lamp post)? or am I a “chhadi”(stick)? or am I a “pattakhe ki ladi”( firecrackers)? These lines clearly show how much Bollywood respects women. We are as valuable as a “phuljadi”.


2.Jadu Teri Nazar- Udit Narayan(1993)

“Tu kisi aur ki ho na jana Kuch bhi kar jaaonga main deewana Tu haan kar, ya naa kar Tu hai meri… Kiran”


One might find this song completely normal because Bollywood has glorified the stalking culture so much with its movies. The song is promoting psychotic love. It is basically suggesting that it does not matter whether the women says yes or no, the man owns her. The women’s consent does not hold any value over the man.


3. Apun Bola–Shah Rukh Khan, Hema Sardesai (1997)

“Yeh usaka style hoinga, hontho pe na dil me han hoinga..Aaj nahee toh kal bolegee, ai tu tension kai ko leta hai re”

Again, “Uski Naa Main Hi Haan Hai” is promoted so much in Bollywood that many people will have no problem with this song. Let’s get one thing straight. No means No.