What are some truths about Bollywood celebrities most people don't know about?

I would take this opportunity to unravel some truths about one of my favourite actors in the industry, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and by acting, I mean method acting which is rare in today's times.

His ascent to stardom is not new to many, but few know about his rags to riches story and fewer understand why he is an ambitious actor but chooses to be a reluctant star.

He grew up never thinking to become a star one day, but he always had a passion for acting in any role he chanced upon. Soon he realized there was no money in theatre, so he shifted to Mumbai in 1999 hoping to get some minor role in movies or TV serials. He was also working part-time as a watchman before coming to Mumbai.

In his interviews, he has talked about his first break in Bollywood in Shool (1999), with a 30-second role of a waiter. In fact, he forgot the dialogue when he saw Manoj Bajpayee in the spotlight.