What are split ends and why do they happen?

When it comes to our hair, we all are concerned and worried about it. From hair fall to dull hair to dandruff, the list is never-ending. And one such cause we are more worried about is split ends. Split ends are when your hair break apart starting from the ends of your hair shaft. When the tips of your hair split into many strands, like an unraveled rope, that’s how you get split ends. These are the misaligned and broken fibres that are visible at the end of your hair lengths. From constant exposure to chemical treatments to bad grooming habits to over-exposure to the sun to using heat styling tools, there are many reasons. 


External Factors that cause split ends are:


Physical Damage

When we towel dry our hair roughly, or we forget to detangle them or comb our hair when wet – these are causing split ends to appear. The tangles in our hair are formed close to the tips and can cause split ends.  


Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments remove the protecting hydrophilic lipid layer and hence make it more prone to hair damage which causes split ends. So while we love to do keratin treatments, hair rebonding, and coloring our hair we are damaging our hair. 


Constant Heat

When you straighten, curl, or blow-dry your hair then you are at a great risk which can cause split ends as these styling tools can take away all the moisture from your hair.