What are those small details that you noticed in a movie?

M.S Dhoni the untold story.

In the movie, when Dhoni arrives in Aurangabad; he is called Sakshi. Sakshi picked up the phone and Dhoni informed him that he is in Aurangabad. In the background of Sakshi's room, there was a calender for 2009.  

The incident might have happened in 2009. Although the movie was released on 30 September 2016. Many people comment on the mobile charger. So yes, the mobile charger behind the actress is one of the most famous brands of that time. NOKIA! This type of charger comes with the Nokia 5800, 5230, and 5233 series. These handsets of Nokia were India's first touch screen mobile at that time.

I really like this small detail!

The movie was one of the best movies of 2016.

Do you have any such moment, where you just loved the small details mentioned in Bollywood movies??