What are your thoughts on Ananya Pandey's remarks regarding how hard she has struggled throughout her life?

Thanks to Siddhanth Chaturvedi, he explained her entire struggle in one line itself!!

Ananya Pandey had been through a lot in her life. Quite a bit, in fact! She always struggled with her father's expectations of her being an actress, despite not knowing a single thing about acting!

She had to work much harder when she went into the film industry! You must continually battle in areas where you are weak. Ananya Pandey is in the same boat. She has no expression on her face. She's terrible at delivering dialogue. We can't blame her for overacting because she rarely appears on film.

She is battling to keep herself from being judged for her "plenty" of general knowledge despite having an IQ of zero!! She has to explain to people every day that she is not the worst product of nepotism! But she knows she is in her heart of hearts!

She's having a hard time dealing with the memes that have been produced about her, which serve as a daily reality check.

She isn't the best debutante, but she has the potential to be a brilliant actor one day.