What are your thoughts on Bollywood stars vacationing in the Maldives during the covid crisis?

On the one hand, it may appear to be a little callous. After example, if one's country is in the midst of a full-fledged pandemic, and its citizens are suffering, seeing these superstars jet off to exotic locations irritates others. But, on the other side, what are these Bollywood stars to do in the meantime? They are not doctors, first responders, or anyone else who could be valuable on the ground during the crisis. They can only provide monetary assistance and raise awareness/funds during the pandemic, both of which they are doing.

During this pandemic, several celebrities have donated money and generated donations to aid others. Aside from that, several of them are publicly urging people to exercise caution. What else is there for them to do? Many of them also travelled to work in the Maldives; Jahnvi Kapoor, for example, flew there to shoot an ad campaign for Sabyasachi.

Others may comment "Stay at home!" but aren't we forgetting that these superstars are human people as well? They're certainly terrified as well, and unlike others, they have the wherewithal to flee the nation and seek asylum elsewhere. If they were in the position to do so, everyone who complains about celebrities would do the same exact thing. People who argue that celebrities shouldn't post on Instagram (like Shobha De) should cease seeing those posts instead of asking them not to post.