What can the audience expect from KGF-2?

Chapter 2 will start will another excellent narration from Ananth Nag sir, followed by a fight between Vanara(Garuda Bodyguard) and the mining slaves, in this fight Ramana and Vanara will be brutally killed by the mining people with all their revenge against them.

Later Rocky will give them better facilities and treat them as employees instead of slaves. Ramika Sen will win the election and become the PM In chapter one at last they show Ramika Sen where she orders the army to wipe out the biggest criminal in India, Rocky is shown there and the year is 1981 so that means from 1978 to 1981 Rocky stays in KGF and kills others.

All the remaining parts will happen between these three years Major fights to watch out for: Rocky vs Kamal(remember both like Reena) and Rocky vs Adheera Rocky vs Inayat Khallel.