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What is CTM?

CTM refers to Cleansing- Toning- Moisturising. This is a very simple and yet very trusted rotinue.

This rotinue is best suited for teenagers or for whose who want to take a break from all the actives.

It starts with cleansing which gets rid of all the dirt and impurities in the skin. It is followed up with toning which balances the pH level of the skin. This is followed up with a good moisturiser to seal in all the hydration. The CTM rotinue can be used in both AM and PM rotinue. For AM rotinue don't forget the end with sunscreen to get the protection.

The products used in cleansing and moisturiser differ from skin type to skin type. Dry skin choose s hydrating cleanser and a heavy moisturiser while oily skin choose a deep cleanser and light moisturiser (mattifying moisturizer for day time). Combination skin can go with gel cleanser and gel moisturiser.


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