What do you think about Shefali Shah as an actress?

Shefali Shah, one of the few talented actress today in Bollywood is underrated according to me. So many big stars with big family name have taken over actors like Shefali Shah. Shefali had made her debut in 1995, with Rangeela. Even tough she has worked in many movies along with big actors, people didn't recognize her work as they should have. After the Emmy-winning series - Delhi Crimes, Shefali got the fame she deserved. She has struggled a lot and today she is getting all that she deserved. When an actor or actress does a role that suits their look, audience and Bollywood filmmakers start to look at the actor or actress in that perspective hence offer them such roles. Slowly but now Bollywood is recognizing talents like Shefali and giving them opportunities to showcase it to the world. What are your thoughts on Shefali Shah being an underrated actress in Bollywood?