What do you think - natural skin care products are better than “normal” ones?

Yes, they are better than the normal ones. Natural is something that is produced by nature. The products are made from all-natural ingredients so they are suitable for all skin types.


Inorganic products contain harmful chemicals which affect our skin like redness, acne, itching. They have to be made in a lab and so they cause allergies.


So here are few things that you should notice while buying a natural skincare product


Non-Toxic and Toxin-free – It means that a product is safe. If the product contains water in large amounts then also it can be toxic.


Sulfate-free – Sulfates means sodium lauryl sulfate which is found in soaps. They help like oils and water to mix. They may be found in bath products or shampoos. If you find the sulfate-free label on the products which means that they do not contain.


Phthalate-free – These chemicals are mainly found in household products. Also, in personal care products like shampoo and soap. It is used to fragrance the ingredients. But these ingredients are found to be dangerous to your health. So to avoid, always look for the details that the product does not contain phthalates is used.


Paraben-free - They are preservatives and they prevent bacteria and fungi from proliferating in the products.


What do you prefer natural skin care products or chemical-infused products?