What do you think Virtual Try - Ons are as effective as a Store Visit?

When it comes to online cosmetic shopping, for some brands virtual try-ons are now available. This is all possible due to augmented reality and platforms such as Spark AR and ModiFace. During the Covid 19 pandemic, sales of many companies went down. So to attract the consumers, they have used virtual try-ons. Virtual try-ons are a very effective tool because you can easily choose your skin texture, shades, and makeup products which will suit your face and skin tone. You can find and test the right match of the cosmetics products that will suit your face. Through this, a shopper can also enjoy their personal shopping experience without wasting their time. Facebook will also integrate with the ModiFace AR try-on the Facebook application using new advertising formats.


Do you remember any cosmetic brands that provides Virtual Try-Ons? Have you purchased any products using the virtual try-ons?