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What does The Falcon and The Winter Soldier's mid-credit scene indicate?

Marvel Cinematic Universe concluded its Disney+ Hotstar 6-episode series, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (TFTWS) as it gears up to release the Loki series on 11th June 2021. With the series finale, we get a closure for every character of TFTWS. Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) is the new Captain America with a handsome white suit, vibranium wings, and ofcourse Cap's shield. Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) finally redeems himself as he meets the father of one of the Winter Soldier's victims and confesses that he killed his son, but he had no choice. Yay! No more nightmares for Bucky! The most hated character of this series, John Walker (Wyatt Russell) was developed for good. He is no longer the Captain America after murdering a flag smasher with Cap's shield. Now, he has been given a black suit and a gun with a permanent identity of 'The U.S. Agent.' Coming to the mid-credit scene, we understand that Sharon Carter, Peggy's niece, gets her job back at her previous division of U.S. Intelligence Committee- all thanks to new Cap, Sam. However, he doesn't know about Sharon being a Power Broker, who had created super soldiers in the previous episodes, which all are now killed- thanks to Zemo, who is under high security prison. (Too much, right?!) So, after Sharon gets that job, she is back to doing some dark stuff as she calls someone anonymous and asks to looks for buyers. Apparently, she is planning to sell the copies of govt. weapons to her customers. Well, that's what brokers do. Now, we don't know, who was the other person on the line. Was Sharon talking to some S.H.I.E.L.D. agent? Was it an alien? Well, Marvel won't be telling that anytime soon. So let's chill. One important detail that was mentioned in the first episode of the series has been repeated in the last one too- Steve is on moon! Though it seems to be some prank played by MCU, the chances are higher for this to be true. In one of the comics, Steve was sent to moon to control his aging. Well, we have to settle with that now. Let's wait for Loki to mess up with timelines and open the multiverse of madness.

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