What To Expect From Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 7?

Recently, Netflix India had posted about the premiere of Brooklyn Nine Nine's 7th season. It hinted that the season is dropping tomorrow! Isn't that TOIT? However, many fans have already watched it last year on NBC's official streaming app or on their TV. I am one of those, so please let me tell you what to expect from this new season.

1. Holt is no longer the captain of Noine Noine! Yes, Wunch demoted him for not completing mandatory regular police officer duty during his early career.

2. New character alert! Holt's new colleague, Debbie is one quirky addition. She starts as a funny, weird and underconfident cop, but wait till you watch her till the season's end.

3. In the 6th season, Jake and Amy had a conversation on starting a family and then the topic was kept aside. So keep your hopes high as there are chances that we might get some cute Peraltiago moments.

If you still haven't watch the season's first look, watch it here: