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What is face primer??

The face primer not only creates a silky-smooth, clear canvas to glide your makeup but it also protects the skin from outside dust and also forbid the makeup chemicals to reach inside the deeper layers of skin. It also helps your face and eye makeup stay all day long without creasing and fading. Primer makes our makeup 100 times better, oil free and long lasting. Primer gives a smooth surface to the face skin without any large pore, dry patches on skin or rough skin textures. 

There are two types of primers:

1.Silicone based primer: It gives your face a matte and smooth finish for base makeup. It blur the dark spots on face. It controls oil better than a water-based face primer. 

2.Water based primer: It gives more dewy, moisturized face. But it isn't properly able to blur out skin imperfections. 


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