What happened to Sehun? EXO member shares about his surgery to fans

Earlier today, it was revealed that EXO will have a hybrid fan meeting to celebrate their 10th anniversary. However, it was announced that Sehun has undergone surgery and is in recovery.

EXO-Ls are currently having a mix of emotions as they both got good and bad news today. Sehun updated fans through the app 'Bubble', that he's been doing well. He said that he had surgery on a body part that hasn't been going well and he can't do anything because he's still recovering. Thus he advised his fans to stay healthy, take vitamins, and eat something that's good for the body.

He didn't reveal what surgery it was but assured fans that it was a minor one. He said he's been taking care of his health because he's getting older. Meanwhile, fellow EXO member Kai was tested positive for COVID-19. Thus fans are wishing them a speedy recovery.