What happened today when Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan Khan met in jail for the first time?

Shah Rukh Khan was seen in public for the first time since Aryan Khan's imprisonment. Shah Rukh Khan was given a 20-minute period in jail to meet Aryan Khan. For the previous two weeks, the celebrity kid has been in judicial custody. According to reports, when Aryan Khan saw his father, he became upset and cried. The father and son, however, were not alone. They were surrounded by jail officials, but no other detainees were permitted owing to security concerns.

Due to COVID concerns, Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan Khan communicated through an intercom with a glass divider between them. Despite having a 20-minute period open, the two spoke for 18 minutes. According to jail sources, Shah Rukh Khan was not given any special treatment when he met his son.

I can't imagine how they must have felt together.