What is the hype around Haikyu?

Haikyuu has a simple plot narrative that revolves around volleyball. It starts with Hinata wanting to become like his idol, "The little giant". Despite Hinata being short in a sport that has height as its major factor, he enrolls into Karasuno High. There he meets his rival Kageyama again after their match 3 years ago but this time they have to work together. Kageyama is an exceptionally talented guy who lacks in communicating with others. Now Kageyama and Hinata have to work together for the whole team as they are the last hope for Karasuno High. Although the narrative is rather simple yet it managed to achieve high placement in the top 100 anime shows on MAL, ranked 23rd NHK, and it is one of the top-shows guaranteed to make you happy.

So lets us see what makes Haikyuu so appealing and worth watching!

One of the reasons for its hype is the ways in which it delivers things in such a breathtaking manner that puts the viewers on the edge of their seats. The characters, the storytelling, and also its humor and use of music. Haikyuu truly enlightens you about the actual sport by those little diagrams and characters explaining in the background, which just makes Haikyuu even more engaging to watch. Haikyuu is centered around volleyball, but it does not forget the other important aspects of anime.

One of Haikyuu's most amazing factors is its characters; no two characters are alike by looks or by personality. The anime has managed to give each character its own unique perks, ambition, attitude, and dreams. Furthermore, this doesn't just go for Karasuno High, but all the other competitions that battle against them. Friends, and mentors, each of these characters have their own unique connections, stories, and reasons. This somehow makes you emotionally connected to them.

Haikyuu has a lot of great moments. With every season Haikyuu has managed not to lose its quality and hopefully, it won't either in the future, and it's great seeing such an impressive art style to give life to such an astonishing story