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What if you happen to see the MBTI of a person or what if you can change your MBTI?

The answer to this question will be given on 13th of February as a new web drama is coming up with the title ‘I can see your MBTI’ on SBS’s D Studio YouTube channel ‘yogurD’. The title seems interesting as I've never come across any such drama having the concept relating to MBTI. MBTI is actually a self assessment test which helps people to learn about themselves and come to a conclusion which reveals your personality based on the combination of preferences you choose in the test. This unique internet drama will be starring k-pop boy band THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae and model Choi Yeon Soo. Gonna watch as to how the chemistry will turn up between a boy who can frequently change his MBTI and a girl who can read through the MBTI of anyone she meets.

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