What makes Deepika the 'Dream Girl' of Bollywood?

If you consider Deepika's strong acting in Cocktail, there is no one who can stand near her. Playing a depressed character in such a manner is not at all easy. Her expressions were so good to be true. It seemed as if she was going through that turbulence in reality. Her eyes and her body language were exceptional. Do you remember the scene where she gets to hear about her boyfriend and her best friend's feelings for each other? Particularly, her face in this scene is like so very much amazing. That feeling of disbelief and that trust in Meera that she will speak the truth is traumatising. Though, there is a smile on her lips.

She can create the same magic in every role she plays. If it is Meera from Love Aaj Kal or Naina from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, she is outstanding. She can pull off any attire and any role with the same comfort. She was lovely in Chennai express and cute in Ohm Shanti Ohm but it is not just about her big almond eyes or her dimples but the calibre she has shown to play any role in a marvellous manner.