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What Makes 'Roohi' The Most Crucial Film For Janhvi Kapoor So Far?

The last year has been tough for everyone. For which we personally can never forgive China. But this is no place to discuss that. Here we want to put forward this breed of stars to your kind attention for whom the year of the pandemic was a bit more tough than the rest, well, in a way! The Star Kids. Ever since the unfortunate demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, Bollywood Industry and more specifically The Star Kids have been the target of hate and blame. And so if you are a Non-performing star kid(which most of them are), you are bound to get some strict criticism coming your way.

The same pattern we have been witnessing lately, be it on social media or on the OTT platforms with fans straight away rejecting stars kids and for that matter The Big Stars themselves on even the slightest amount of lag on their part. Truth be told some did deserve a heads up while some were just unfortunate and went along the flow.

One such name that comes to mind is that of Janhvi Kapoor. Right from her very first movie Dhadak she has been on the receiving end of a lot of hate and rejection thanks to her mediocre acting skills coupled with the celebrity tag she carries alongside her. And no different was the case with the 2020 pandemic release Gunjan Saxena.

Seems like a major chunk of the Indian audiences is tired of shoving down undeserving celebrities down their throats. And unfortunately Janhvi Kapoor is somewhere at the top of this list. But surely there is a way for her to shut down the critics - By outperforming their expectations. And this new venture 'Roohi' a horror comedy alongside Rajkumar Rao must just be the perfect way to deliver a career reviving performance.Best wishes to her.


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