What is Shah Rukh Khan's workout routine?

Regardless of the part he plays, King Khan gives his all. In two of his films, Om Shanti Om (2007) and Happy New Year (2014), he shows his actual desire for looking the part and working on his body to achieve it. He'll also be showing off his muscular figure in the upcoming movie Pathaan.

Bollywood's Badshah divides his calorie intake into short meals throughout the day, giving his body ample time to thoroughly digest the food before the next meal. Protein-rich foods and carbohydrate pre-workout snacks are part of his diet. After a strenuous gym session, he drinks a protein smoothie to aid muscle recovery.

While he avoids artificial sugar, he makes up for it with fresh fruits. He maintains himself hydrated at all times by drinking water and other fluids such as coconut water and fruit juices. It's no secret that he enjoys black coffee. The celebrity has been known to drink up to 30 cups every day.

Prasant Sawant, the Pathaan actor's personal trainer, claimed that the Pathaan star's workout schedule included no more than 45 minutes of extremely intense sessions that included a mix of rehab workouts, strength training, and cardio. He works out late in the evening because he is one of the busiest actors, and it consists of a mix of rehab sessions, cycling, and cardio.

"He can accomplish anything," Sawant stated. He's a great athlete, and his incredible enthusiasm is something that young people should emulate. He enjoys working out at 2 a.m. and gives it his all in every workout. He actually outperforms 20-year-olds, and his intensity continues to improve!

Now, you got the motivation to get up and workout?