What to watch after True Beauty?

Although it is not possible to completely replace True Beauty! Here are some K-dramas to check out if you liked “True Beauty”. “True Beauty” left many with the second lead syndrome. The pain experienced in this series for Han Seo Jun is definitely hard to get over, but there are other dramas that also had some unforgettable second leads. “Fated To Love You” Kim Mi Young(Jang Nara), is a quiet girl who always gets overlooked by people. She has a short romance with Lee Gun, (Jang Hyuk) and they have a one-night stand which results in Mi-Young getting pregnant, and the two ends up getting married. As Lee Gun regrets marrying Mi Young he continuously pushes her away. She meets Daniel (Choi Jin Hyuk) at a nearby coffee shop that he owns. He falls in love with her and stands up for her when Lee Gun doesn’t. Knowing in his heart that Mi Young deserves more, he continues to stick by her side. He’s a second lead that is undoubtedly unforgettable! “Don’t Dare To Dream” Ko Jung Won(Go Kyung Pyo) a well-off chaebol pursued Pyo Na Ri (Gong Hyo Jin) in a very romantic and persistent way. At the time when she felt like she didn’t have self-confidence, Jung Won loved her giving her everything a girl could ever desire. Despite this, Na Ri found herself falling for the same man who broke her heart before (Jo Jung Suk).