What to Watch If You Already Miss 'To All The Boys' - the trilogy

TATB as a series really made a space in all of our hearts, and now that it is over, many of us are feeling the void. To fill that void, here are 3 films you can watch (all on Netflix).

1. The Perfect Date Starring Noah Centineo in the main role, this film is as crazy and as cute as TATB was. It may not be Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky but it is still something and is not all that bad if you are craving a rom-com.

2. Isn't It Romantic? This film is adorable and as cheesy as TATB, so if if its the cheesiness you will miss, go for it!

3. Crazy Rich Asians Showing a middle class Asian immigrant struggle to adapt to her boyfriend's crazy and rich Asian family, this film is a rollercoaster ride of humor and cuteness.