What would’ve it been if Minyoung had debuted in TWICE?

Minyoung was a former JYP trainee who was also a contestant in SIXTEEN, recently opened a YouTube channel in which she shared her mental struggle during the survival show. Due to unfortunate circumstances she failed a number of times to debut and make it to TWICE. It deteriorated her mental health, resulting in a depressing and gloomy profile of hers. She says that looking at herself in the show saddens her heart. In the span of six years, when she stayed away from the limelight, she focused on studying English and took music lessons along with trying and testing different jobs. Through her channel, she wishes to show vlogs, song covers and herself composed songs. After going through so much of failures and mental stress, she still wishes to pursue her hobby which is really appreciating. TWICE as a group is exceptionally great but what if Minyoung would’ve also debuted? Were we missing out on an amazing talent all these years?