What is your favourite Ranbir Kapoor movie and why?

Ranbir might have given him till now career-best performance in Barfi but in Rockstar he was simply brilliant and performed the role with full perfection. All the variations that his character underwent were shown brilliantly by Ranbir. The magic of the director-actor combo of Ranbir and Imtiaz Ali did superb detailing work.  

Ranbir pumped the blood, aggression, love, attitude and everything into the role. He is innocent as a toddler at beginning of the movie, he is as naughty as a teenager when the movie proceeds then, he is a guy in love in the mid of the movie, a rebel adult in the post mid part of the movie, a caring man in pre-climax part and in the climax - a lost human-like an oldie. He has been portrayed as a single character and that is too far beyond what we call perfection. I loved the movie, his character and the story to the core. Songs are good to make you give mood swings in flicks of seconds. Awesome work done by A.R Rahman.

Which one is your Ranbir favourite?