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What is your favourite show or film on Aha?

Aha is a digital streaming app exclusively for Telugu language content. It was started by Allu Arvind and his family in February last year. In only one year, Aha has emerged as a major streaming service used actively by many Telugu language speakers throughout both states as well as NRI Telugu speakers from a lot of countries. It has been a mixture of content being circulated which has appealed to the masses.

My favourite show to stream on Aha was SamJam - I think Samantha did a fabulous job as a first-time host. She looked very effortless, probably because of her personality which complemented her host capabilities. My favourite episodes of the show were the Allu Arjun episode and the Finale Naga Chaitanya one. I also loved her outfits.

My favourite film on Aha was Colour Photo. It was a very sweet and cute love story set in the olden period and provided very refreshing concepts of love, appearance and friendship to the normal audience.

Let us know what your favourite shows or series or films are in Aha in the comments below!


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