What is your opinion about the toxic "diet culture" in K-pop?

Hello everyone! I am a K-pop fan and a multistan. I love both boy groups and Girl groups equally. I am not trying to hate or body shame anyone in this post. this is my honest opinion.

I read a tweet about how Mamamoo's Solar lost 7 Kgs for her "Men's Health" magazine shoot. She was already underweight at 48 Kgs and she literally starved herself to achieve 41 kgs, the weight mentioned in the contract. This is just horrible.

This is just not one instance, there are so many other Idols who went on unhealthy diets to lose weight while they were severely underweight. Blackpink's members look so thin that it scares me for their health. Same with Twice and Itzy. Both YG and JYP were known to starve their idols to achieve unrealistic body weights.

Many second-gen idols said that they developed serious health issues and eating disorders after going through these rigorous diets. And this is not only about girl groups. Male idols have also said some really problematic statements in the past, like Jungkook saying that he did not eat for 5 days to prepare for Butter stages, Xiumin from EXO eating so little or nothing at all for long periods of time, Chenle from EXO eats only one meal daily and when he started eating three meals, he was unhappy that he gained weight and went back to his one meal policy. He lost four kilos in three days which is very unhealthy.

Don't come at me with "naturally skin" nonsense because Lisa was told by a doctor in "Real Men" that she is dangerously underweight, Sunmi herself said that she developed eating disorders and IU had bulimia in the past.

What do you think about these very unhealthy dieting habits in Kpop? And with such a young audience shouldn't it be discussed properly now?