What's your take on mainstream Bollywood actors moving into OTT?

OTT has been a game changer in terms of content.

At first, it served as a platform that offered different stories. It had more creative liberty than mainstream media, and was able to show content that cinema would usually shy away from.

Many also felt that OTT gave a new scope to otherwise overlooked actors. It brought in fresh, talented faces that the Indian audience wasn't aware of or had overlooked in the past. Now that OTT is gaining quick footprint, especially due to the pandemic, the space is suddenly saturated. Bollywood actors have featured in OTT before obviously, but more and more stars seem to have taken a liking to this medium. Names like Kajol, Kiara Advani, Karisma Kapoor, amongst other have joined the OTT wave. How do you feel about this shift, and do you feel it'll impact content online?