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When Bollywood actresses supported each other

Recently Taapsee Pannu came out in support of Kareena Kapoor over the fee hike row for the Ramayan film. It was really nice to see an actor coming out in support of the other in an industry where jealousy and ill wills are the dominating emotions for celebs. But there have been many instances such as these. So let's take a look.


Sonam Kapoor - A few years ago, Anushka Sharma was getting trolled for her skinny physique. Sonam Kapoor, who is known for speaking her mind, tweeted in her support and said that 'fat shaming and skinny shaming is not cool.' She also called Anushka 'intelligent and successful.'


Kangana Ranaut - The Kangana four years ago was completely different from the Kangana we see today. She once praised Vidya Balan and said that Vidya had paved the way for female actors to do female-centric films. She noted that Vidya gave courage to other actresses to take risks.


Katrina Kaif - Katrina was once asked about losing an ad to Alia Bhatt. She said: "Are there movie roles and maybe a few endorsements that are going to Alia now, for which I would have been the first choice? 100 percent." She further said, "You must accept the fact that life is constantly moving. Every day, we are moving forward. I am not 21; does that take away from me? Do I feel threatened by it? Not at all!"


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