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When Bollywood films had a positive impact

Films, especially in India, are just perceived as a form of escape and entertainment. This is why masala and hardcore commercial films have been dominating the industry for the longest time. But sometimes a film does more than just entertain. It disturbs the comfortable and stirs debates and discussions, impacts lives in some way or form. Here are three instances where films had a positive impact on our society.

Rang De Basanti - This Aamir Khan starrer film was a major critical and commercial success. The film's theme struck a chord with many. A month after its release, the court acquitted the main accused of the Jessica Lal Murder case which sparked protests across the country including the candlelight march in Delhi inspired by the film. Manu Sharma, the accused, was sentenced to life imprisonment the same year. Similar protests were also held for the Priyadarshini Matto case.

Chak De India - This 2007 sports film starring Shah Rukh Khan as the coach of the Indian women's hockey team reinvigorated people's interest in hockey. Aslam Sher Khan, one of the selectors of the National Women's Hockey Team indicated the impact of the film on his future strategy by stating that he wants "to create a 'Chak De' effect" within Indian hockey.

Taare Zameen Par - This Aamir Khan directorial venture chronicled the story of a dyslexic child. The film raised awareness of the issue of dyslexia and prompted more open discussions among people. The CBSE board also decided to provide extra time to special children during exams. In Mumbai, a civic body also opened several classrooms for autistic students.


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