When does skin barrier gets damaged? Part 1

Our skin barrier can be disrupted due to many possible reasons. When it’s damaged, the tight arrangement between the skin cells is lost. This allows external irritants to get in our skin a lot easier and lead to more water leaving our skin. Damaged skin barrier is characterised by easily irritated, dehydrated and flaky skin. Your skin is red, irritated, tight, yet very oily.

1) Over cleansing- Overexposure to water and harsh cleanser could cause a damaged skin barrier. It can strip away the natural lipid barrier on our skin. Instead of protecting your skin from dirt and impurities, it could damage the skin's first protective layer, which provides most of the protection.

2) Over exfoliation- When you over-exfoliate your skin, you’re not only taking away the unwanted dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin but also the functional skin barrier that are present to protect our skin.