When it comes to women empowerment, Bollywood should stop with the tokenism, seriously

It hasn't been long since Bollywood found its conscience and started to acknowledge that women in cinema are more than just love interests or 'item girls'. But despite making that stride, the concepts of empowering women here in Bollywood seem very messed up.


  1. Shah Rukh Khan decides to put his name second to the actress in the opening credits as a mark of equality. But isn't that mere tokenism? How about advocating for equal pay Shah Rukh?
  2. Anubhav Sinha after making Thappad decides to add his mother's maiden name as his middle name. Tokenism number 2!
  3. Aamir Khan decides to make Dangal to show how he truly believes in empowering women but at the end of the day, it has to be him, a man who makes that call. Tokenism!
  4. Anurag Kashyap feels showing a woman wanting to smoke or hurling abuses is a mark of an empowered woman.
  5. Most filmmakers these days have suddenly found a new method to showcase women empowerment. A woman wanting to take control in bed is a sign of woman empowerment according to them.


In a nutshell, what the current scenario really suggests is that everyone in this industry is only indulging in tokenism to claim that they believe in women empowerment and equality.


Can I make a suggestion? Please stop trying Bollywood. You won't have to make so much efforts if you truly believe in equality. The efforts are honestly embarrassing and evident.