When Javed Akhtar got emotional while remembering Sahir

Sahir Ludhianvi is the pen name of Abdul Hayee (8 March 1921-25 October 1980) who is popularly known as Sahir. Sahir was a hindi poet and film lyricist who wrote in Hindi and Urdu languages and is widely regarded as The People's Poet, a crusader for gender equality and a man of artistic temperament. His relationship with Javed Akhtar is an open secret. There is rarely an interview of his when Javed Sahab doesn't mention Sahir.

And so was the case on this one occasion when Javed Sahab were addressing students at the 4 ISC 2016. Javed Sahab talked about how in his struggling days when he had gone to Sahir's home to ask for some kind of work, Sahir lend him 200 rupees. 200 rupees was a big amount at that time, he adds. And not only that Sahir was such a considerate person that he simply could not hand over the money to Javed in his hand. Instead he put the money on the table so that Javed might not get his feelings hurt. Slowly times changed and eventually Javed went on to become one of the most successful writers in the industry.

Despite that, despite all the success, Javed would often tease Sahir that he would never give his 200 rupees back to him and that he had eaten his money and thus they would often joke about it. Then came the day of the demise of Sahir, Javed Sahab performed all the final proceedings himself. On the last day when he was about to leave a man came running in from behind. He was one of the relatives who told Javed that he had come in a hurry so he was not carrying cash but they still needed to pay the digger 200 rupees. Javed searched his pocket and gave the 200 rupees to the digger, went back to his car and suddenly realized that Sahir had finally got his money back!

Remembering this Javed sahab could not hold his tears back. And it is in times like this that we realise that some bonds are not meant to be broken. They last even after a lifetime. What do you think about this article? Tell me the comments section down below.